Glaco Windshield Coating Agent and Wiper Series

This is Glaco Power! Fine Visibility Water Repellency

Glaco is water repellent type windshield coating agent. "Repels the Water, Get High Visibility" is the concept of ensuring fine visibility which helps safety driving.

In fact, there are numerous invisible roughness on windshield surface. The rain drop stuck and diffuse reflection, then occurs bad visibility when you drive. Glaco helps filling in this roughness and makes it smooth.

Glass surface, which covered with coating layer, become high smoothness. Rain drops become round water drop blow off by wind pressure easily.

This is the Glaco performance. Once you apply the Glaco, immediately repels rain and ensures fine visibility.

This is actual movie which can see from windshield and behind windshield.
Drive above 45km/h, rain drops change as round rain drops and blew out.
Provide the fine visibility which people concerned about!

Glaco's Structure

The Reason of Bad Visibility in Rainy Day

What a roughness the windshield is!

People believe in the surface of the windshield looks smooth, but actually there are numerous bumps on the surface.
On a rainy day, rain drops hit these bumps and be stacked, this makes the diffuse reflection to be bad visibility.

Glaco Works

Glaco makes glass surface smooth!

Glaco fills in glass roughness to be smooth. This creates round water drop blew out by window pressure then get high visibility.
The performance as if it looks fine weather!

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